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Building Designers of Vernon, British Columbia specializing in Building Design & Development Services

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Welcome to 925R Design Inc.  We are a Building Design & Development Company specializing in Single Family Homes and Multi-Family Dwellings up to 4 Units Per Building.

Located in the Okanagan Valley we are in a great location for Serving All of British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State.  We will (and have) work beyond that if required.  We look forward to assisting you on your project soon.

Our Commitment to you. 

There are many aspects of designing a habitable structure.  Our promise to you is that you will have a full understanding of your project prior to commencement on site.  This will allow you to have the comfort and confidence that you need to move forward with your endeavor. 

We feel that using the most up-to-date and technologically advanced 3D BIM software is important in providing you with the best understanding of your project.  That is why we use REVIT Architecture in order to do so. 

A few things we take into account while providing you with our best possible service: 

  • Initially, we will go over your project in some detail to get you a project-specific fee proposal.  Being project specific allows us to give you our best possible price. 
  • Once the Fee is determined and accepted we generally plan a meet-on-site to see what exactly we are working with.  This gives us a chance to get your ideas for what your dreams may be.  We will take many pictures and videos if need be which we continue to use throughout the design process.  We even use these pictures as backgrounds for the Renderings of the project.
  • Most municipalities generally like to see a professional survey of the property and we ask for the same unless we are working with a basic flat site.  Having this survey, which we usually can import directly into our 3D model helps us get a sense of the exact location of the project on the site.  If we are provided with Geodetic information we can even see the slopes of the property to give you a better sense of what site works will be required as well.
  • During the design process, there will be continual coordination between ourselves and you.  If at any point you need to see anything in more detail or in 3D that can be provided.  We start with the floor plans and then work on the Exteriors once the floor plans are mostly complete.  This allows us to keep a high rate of productivity, and not end up going around and around in circles.
  • Once the design is complete, we will continue to be of service and plan to be on-site multiple times throughout the construction process.